Dog Day Care


Our Day Care Philosophy

Our day care centre provides your dog with a safe & happy place to play, rest & unwind during the working week. We understand that it is important for all dogs to enjoy themselves so we have created varying zones for dogs of all shapes and sizes, all part of our confidence building philosophy. In general, we have all areas flowing into one another so all dogs have the chance to interact while still providing plenty of space to enjoy quiet or resting time when needed.

Our Facility

We have a great variety of areas, including sandpits, chill out spots, puppy only areas, water world, mini dog zones, with an array of comfy beds and squeaky toys etc etc. Our premises is comprised of roughly:

Our Staff

Our experienced staff members absolutely adore dogs, meaning we love to get involved on the dogs level, rolling around and having fun in general. Of course, where needed, we have the control and skill to discipline individual dogs if necessary. Our staff numbers are always reflective of how many dogs are in that day, we always have a minimum of one staff member per eight dogs, as a general guide.


First of all, please fill in our online enrolment form, this is necessary to get an idea of your dogs personality. Once John has read your online pre-enrolment form and feels confident your dog is suitable then we will contact you within the week to organise an induction time at our facility located at 7 Ruse Street, Osborne Park. Inductions are held on Saturday's (only) as opposed to weekdays (when we are busy with dogs), this gives us the best platform to chat at length about all things dog related in a relaxed manner. Our induction is basically the most important moment for your dog. John and his female Lab Buka will provide the necessary guidance and confidence building throughout to ensure your dog leaves our induction mightily impressed. This ensures that upon returning for their first big day at 'dog school' those initial positive vibes are reignited, making the entire process smooth and easy :) In general induction times are offered 10am-3pm, held fortnightly on Saturday, half hour or so time required for induction overall, easy done :)


We recommend and require a once per week minimum attendance, ensuring your dog develops lasting relationships and feels comfortable in a regular routine. As Dog Daycare is a very sought after service it also ensures your position is 100% reserved ongoing so you never need worry about losing your dogs placement.

Hours Of Operation

Random Info

Our premises is fully insured for dogs and humans, fully inclusive. Air Conditioning is provided in warehouse, indoor house. Evaporative & refrigerated. We do not accept overly dominant or directly aggressive dogs of any kind. Please note that if you unsure whether or not your dog is truly 'aggressive' please email with details of your dogs behaviour and we will provide feedback.


ENROL YOUR PUPPY! :) The dogs that adapt best to day care life, homelife, parklife, familylife, life in general, are the ones who join us from the earliest age. The socialising and lessons learnt from other dogs, the guidance we staff provide, the energy your dog uses thus avoiding more rascally antics at home, all in all we strongly recommend that if you require our services, or think you might prior to your pup arriving, earlier attendance is most certainly better for you and your dog. We are massive advocates of 'wee dogs who think big' and encourage small dog owners, particularly those with puppies, to enrol with the knowledge your dog will learn vital 'big dog confidence skills' while interacting amongst breeds of all sizes. We generally employ a gradual introduction method to ensure your little champion has the best chance of becoming self assured in the company of other dogs. We are also hugely successful in socialising dog breeds that are sometimes known to have behavioural issues, if not socialised or exercised enough from an early age (ie Boxer,Staffy,German Shepherd etc). The vital key to it all is to have your dog attend from a young puppy age, as soon as your vaccinations are finished. In general we are more sceptical in approving older dogs of particular breeds mentioned, as entering our highly stimulating environment as a mature adult is generally overwhelming for certain breeds although before you think 'well that's not fair is it' every dog enquiry is definitely evaluated on it's on merits, more good dogs the merrier at JDW. *Our advice on how to perceive our business model and our terms and conditions is to simply think of 'human' Child Care and how they themselves operate, specifically in regards to accounts/invoices/attendance. As Dog Day Care is a relatively new concept we totally understand that there may be some confusion on how things work, simply thinking of Day Care for kids, but for dogs, is the easiest way to look at things, simple, plus all information provided at our induction*